Best Practices in Global Health Missions

(A Project of the Center for the Study of Health in Mission)

Vision: Throughout the world, those called to health missions will offer the best services to those in the greatest need using the most God-honoring and effective methods to achieve the greatest holistic health impact.

To identify and disseminate God-honoring and health-promoting values, beliefs and practices for Christian health mission agencies, hosts, churches, leaders and participants.

1) To encourage the analysis of the literature and practice of the health mission movement as it relates to global community health and development and the Christian world mission movement.

2) To serve the global church as a resource for Christian Health Missions.

3) To promote collaborative efforts that best:

a. Honor and glorify God as the source of health and object of worship.
b. Transform participants into loving servants.
c. Promote compassionate, culturally-sensitive,
effective and sustainable health care delivery to the host peoples in their community context.
d. Facilitate growth of the kingdom of God throughout the earth.

4) To create best practices documents based on biblical principles and which also point towards already developed internationally accepted (World Health Organization) guidelines on global health care delivery.

5) To pursue the updating of standards as a continuous process according to the latest evidence-based research and experience.

6) To promote these best practices among participants, hosts and leaders by publishing on a web site and in a handbook, and through conferences and other correspondence.

7) Eighty percent of United States-based agencies, churches and leaders who participate in Christian health missions will be aware of these guidelines within 5 years (by 2014).

Revised 1/23/2011